Holly has long been recognized for her integrity in dealing with customers. Not only has she developed solid procedures in order to adhere to the highest ethical standards, she is constantly evaluating the processes to assure that she  delivers honest, dependable products and service to her customers.

Unraveling complicated terminology, options, co-payments, and networks can overwhelm even the savviest of consumers.  Whether it is for a business owner, family or individual, Holly offers in-depth advice for your health insurance needs.

For example, if you would like to add benefits like dental, vision, or life insurance to your policy, Holly can walk you through those options. In the often-confusing world of health insurance a recent study found that  only 7% of consumers surveyed by UnitedHealthcare Consumer Sentiment could clearly define common health insurance terms. This is one reason Holly strives to not only find the best plan for her customers, but also educate them.  


The health insurance landscape is ever evolving.  Holly has in depth understanding of this constantly changing climate and spends countless hours studying and interpreting new laws surrounding health insurance. That’s time you can spend elsewhere. Under the new Administration, the health care law has been one of the greatest changes. Holly understands these changes, and she is up-to-date on the latest health care reform policies.  Holly will dissect local plan options that take into consideration:


  • Deductibles

  • Maternity Benefits

  • Prescription Drug-Benefits

  • The Risks vs. Benefits of Short-Term Plans

  • Network Coverage Options

  • And More


Holly does the all of the groundwork, so you don’t have to! She carefully lays out the best plan options so you can quickly and easily choose the one that is right for you.  Insurance is based on networks, and without a working knowledge of these networks, it can be increasingly difficult to secure a plan that’s right for you. Having extensive knowledge on this, Holly fully understands the local market and can offer experience-based advice.

Perhaps one of the greatest reasons to have Holly as your personal agent is the customized support.  No two health insurance plans have to be alike. One of the most well-liked aspects of the Affordable Care Act was the ability to choose plans that fit consumers lifestyles. We still see that on the Healthcare.gov website, but with new changes to the healthcare laws, it can be tricky to determine what options are available and if they are accepted at local medical facilities (most aren’t).

Holly takes the time to meet with her clients either online, in their office or hers for a personalized discussion about their health care needs. She makes sure that this discussion aligns their greatest coverage needs with a plan that meets those needs.

What makes a Holly so different is the time she takes to listen, understand, and create a quality plan that benefits the consumer and their family. Holly is always ready and able to answer any questions you may have. That’s why she gives out her cell number! Having a trusted, experienced and knowledgeable agent such as Holly on your side is critical.