The difference between "In Network" and "Out of Network"

I often get questions from my clients who are looking for health insurance on what do “In-network” benefits and “Out-of-network” benefits mean. Here are 2 definitions that will help you to understand the difference better. I found these great definitions on

In-network benefits means that most health plans have a list of doctors, hospitals, and other providers who have agreed to accept a certain rate for people with that plan. Those providers are considered “in-network.” You pay less when you use one of the providers on your plan’s in-network list.

Out-of-network benefits means that if you see a doctor or use a hospital that does not participate with your health plan, you are going out-of-network. You usually have to pay more for out-of-network care. Some plans won’t cover any amount of out-of-network care, while others cover a percentage of care.

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